A Brief Introduction

Oral Academy is a modern platform for communication between colleagues. It is a new medium for sharing experiences and ideas. The platform is created by a young team and aims to shorten the distance between dentists in the virtual space and to assist them in more difficult clinical cases.

The platform has an active Facebook page, announcing the main publications and news, as well as a group where you can discuss everything in the field of dental medicine. The site has already published many useful materials that are free to download. Some of these are questionnaires for assessment of the patients' medical status, various informed consent, a brief guide to antibiotics used in odontogenic infections, and many more.

Here are some foods and drinks that will not replace your office whitening, but will improve your smile.

Solid vegetables like cauliflower and broccoli have a whitening effect when consumed raw. They are difficult to chew, so as you grind them, the vegetables remove the stains from the surface of the teeth. And the longer you chew, the more saliva is released.

Strawberries contain acids that help convert carbohydrates into energy, and can dissolve spots on the surface of your teeth. There are many ways to take advantage of the whitening effect of strawberries, including grinding and mixing them with baking soda to form a whitening paste to brush your teeth with. Rinsing the mouth with fluoride immediately afterwards helps to remove the remaining acid and strengthen the teeth.

Inclusion of more milk products in the daily diet for a whiter smile. In addition to the caries protective effect, the cheese has an additional whitening effect, since it contains lactic acid, which helps to dissolve spots on the surface of the teeth.

Seeds and nuts act as a scrub for your teeth with their abrasive texture.

Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme often used to reduce inflammation. This enzyme works to break down proteins on the surface of the enamel, making teeth shinier than before.

Although it won't help you have a good breath, onions contain sulfur compounds that prevent plaque buildup. If you want to reap the benefits of this vegetable, you need to eat it raw.

Celery (along with carrots) has an extremely high water content, which strengthens the gums and washes away food debris. The solid structure of the celery allows to mechanically remove stains from the surface of the enamel when eaten raw.