A Brief Introduction

Oral Academy is a modern platform for communication between colleagues. It is a new medium for sharing experiences and ideas. The platform is created by a young team and aims to shorten the distance between dentists in the virtual space and to assist them in more difficult clinical cases.

The platform has an active Facebook page, announcing the main publications and news, as well as a group where you can discuss everything in the field of dental medicine. The site has already published many useful materials that are free to download. Some of these are questionnaires for assessment of the patients' medical status, various informed consent, a brief guide to antibiotics used in odontogenic infections, and many more.

Foods and drinks coloring teeth:

Coffee, tea and soda alter the pH balance of your mouth and damage the surface of the enamel. Soda is particularly dangerous because its extremely high sugar content and carbonation can erode the enamel. If these drinks are a daily treat, then it is advisable to take plenty of water to wash or chew crispy vegetables to encourage saliva flow, which also helps to remove stains. Also, use drinking straws.

If you enjoy a glass or two of red wine at dinner, you may have noticed dark spots on your teeth immediately afterwards. The intense red color of the wine, along with its tannins, attach to the surface of the teeth, coloring the enamel. To balance this side effect, try combining red wine with your favorite cheese.

Dark liquids such as balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and others can give your teeth a purple hue. For a tasty alternative that helps your teeth shine brighter, aim for lighter spices like rice vinegar or olive oil.

Tomato sauces make your teeth vulnerable to staining due to their bright red tinge and naturally high levels of acidity. Combining pasta sauces with abrasive vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower can help protect your teeth from staining.